The book of personal development - the textbook of my joyful everyday life, first of all for MYSELF

But after using one other rule, like #susikaupkirklestėk or "Everything happens only by doing" (and the book is written by writing), and that's how "21 rules for a good life" was born

My lessons learned and stories of how I nurture myself and others.

My stories about my favorite activities, family and home, self-care and what to say to myself when it's really hard,  became 21 rules - principles that help me live my own GOOD life. Where do I get strength from, how do I repair my mood, how do I work and how do I love, how do I nurture myself and others.

I want this book to be both a REST and an IMPULSE to live YOUR best life.

This book will definitely not change your life, because it is the person who changes the life, not the books. And I will share what taught me to live everyday with an open heart, what helps to realize ideas and dreams, what inspires me to turn on the engine of joy every day and just live a GOOD LIFE." What RULES for YOUR GOOD LIFE will YOU write?

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